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Car buying tips, KBB values

Car buying tips, KBB values

January 28, 2011

Unless you make use of available car buying tips, the entire car buying process can become needlessly complicated. This in turn will result in frustration as you will not know just how to go about purchasing your next car which can be a new one or a pre-owned one.

It is therefore a good idea to check out a good car buying guide which will explain the basics about how to purchase a car.

One thing that you will learn about when using these car buying tips is that it always pays to find out the KBB value. So, before looking for a car that you like, be sure to check its KBB value. This will give you the right perspective in regard to the amount of money that the dealer will be asking you for in respect of the car’s fair value.

When addressing the issue of KBB value, it is important to understand that there are two different types of values, wholesale values and retail values. The wholesale value of a vehicle will always be lower than the retail value because wholesale is the amount that dealers pay to buy cars that they intend to resell. This means that you must learn both wholesale and retail values for a vehicle before you start negotiating.

When using the KBB retail value for a car, you must keep in mind that the retail value is arrived at on the assumption that the car is in excellent condition. This should help you understand that if a particular car is not in the best shape then it should have a lower price tag as compared to a vehicle that is in excellent condition.

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